Where are the 11 steepest streets in the USA?

Hold on tight! The USA boasts 11 roads that defy gravity with their staggering steepness. These streets are not for the faint-hearted; some are so precipitous that only 4-wheel drive vehicles and intrepid pedestrians dare to tread. Spanning three states, with eight in California, two in Pennsylvania, and one in Hawaii, these are the 11 steepest roads in America.

The 10 steepest streets in the USA

Buckle up as we take you on a thrilling journey down these gravity-defying thoroughfares.

Street City State Max. Gradient
Waipio Valley Road Honokaa HI 45%
Bradford Street San Francisco CA 41%
Canton Avenue Pittsburgh PA 37%
Eldred St Los Angeles CA 33%
28th St Los Angeles CA 32%
Baxter St Los Angeles CA 32%
Fargo St. Los Angeles CA 32%
Maria Ave. Spring Valley CA 32%
Dornbush St Pittsburgh PA 31.98%
22nd St San Francisco CA 31.50%
Filbert St San Francisco CA 31.50%