Rock Creek Road

Rock Creek Road, the highest paved public road in California

Located at the southern edge of Mono County, Rock Creek Road is said to be the highest paved public road in California, climbing up to 3.121m (10,239ft) above the sea level. Expect high alpine conditions.

Located in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, within Inyo National Forest, the road to the summit is paved, with a narrow section part near its end at Mosquito Flats. It begins on the west side of Highway 395, east of Tom's Place. The road narrows to unmarked narrow two lanes just past the lake.

The road is pretty steep. Starting from Tom's Place the ascent is 16.73km (10,4 miles) long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 969 meters. The average gradient is 5.79% with some sections up to 10.4%. This road is not clear of snow until late in May or early June and chains or snow tyres can be required anytime. Be prepared for any kind of weather. The drive offers dramatic views of surrounding Sierra peaks. Beware that the temperatures during the summer can be stifling.
Pic: James Hatton


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