A truly outstanding adventure drive to Byers Peak

Byers Peak is a high mountain peak located in southern Grand County, in the U.S. state of Colorado. A gravel road to the north of the peak climbs up to 3.240m (10,629ft) above the sea level.

Byers Peak

Is the road to Byers Peak in Colorado unpaved?

The road is totally unpaved with a few potholes. It’s called County Highway 742 (Byers Peak Trail). More narrow and steep at the top. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. The peak was named after William N. Byers, founder of Colorado’s first newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News.

Is Byers Peak in Colorado open?

Set high on the central part of Colorado, within the Arapaho National Forest, the road is usually open from June 15 - Nov. 15. Remnants of snow fields usually remain along the trail until the first or second week of July.

How long is the road to Byers Peak?

Located in the Byers Peak Wilderness area the road is 7.88km (4.9 miles) long starting at County Highway 73. It ends on a tiny parking lot, the start of Byers Peak trailhead.

Pic: Кайл Алкорн