When and Where US Drivers Have the Most Deadly Road Traffic Accidents.

Driving is essential to many Americans' daily lives, but it can also be dangerous. Understanding the most dangerous times to drive can help you stay safe on the road. This blog will explore and highlight the most dangerous driving times in America.

When and Where US Drivers Have the Most Deadly Road Traffic Accidents.

It's based on some charts put together by researchers from the online car seller, The Clunker Junker. They sourced data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to see when and where US drivers have the most deadly road traffic accidents. 

The most dangerous times to drive in America 

Rush hour and late evenings are the most dangerous times to drive in the USA, according to The Clunker Junker study. There's a significant increase in the number of road traffic accidents after 5 pm, peaking between 9 pm and 10 pm.

The first reason is pretty obvious; there are far more cars on the road. Then there's fatigue. As we get tired, our response times slow down, impacting our ability to avoid collisions or accidents. Visibility is also significantly reduced during the later hours, especially during the winter or bad weather. Finally, more drunk or drug drivers are on the road during the evening. These drivers are more likely to drive recklessly, not react in time, or fall asleep at the wheel An alcohol-impaired driver kills one person every 45 minutes in the United States. That's 32 people lost to drunk driving every single day.

The safest time to drive in America

Darkness and low visibility are major factors in many US road accidents. However, as The Clunker Junker research shows, it's not the main driver of increasing car crashes. That's because the safest driving hours in America come long before the sun rises. The hours between 3:00 am and 5:00 am are considered the safest time to be on roads in the USA. Less than 2.5 fatal traffic accidents happen during this time, mainly due to the fact that there are far fewer cars on the road.

The most dangerous days of the week to drive in America

The most dangerous days of the week to drive in America are Friday and Saturday. Again, late evenings are a hotspot, with fatal car accidents peaking at 7.08 per hour between 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm. Weekend evenings, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays, tend to have higher volumes of traffic as people are either commuting home from work or going out for weekend activities. Many people enjoy a few drinks during social events on weekends, which impairs their ability to drive safely and can result in more alcohol-related accidents.

Fatigue and risky behavior

Fatigue is another significant factor. After a long work week, people may feel more tired on Friday and Saturday evenings, leading to an increased risk of accidents. Tired driving is a serious issue. Research shows that over 1 in 5 fatal car accidents involve a "drowsy driver." People also take more risks on the weekends. They are more likely to slip into bad driving habits, like speeding, using the phone at the wheel, or simply not paying enough attention. It's impossible for many people to avoid these dangerous driving hours. So the message is simple, stay safe and take extra precautions. Getting home a few minutes earlier is not worth losing a life over.