Top Georgia Scenic Drives To Make You Fall Even More In Love With 'Peach State'

Georgia is a stunning state with many gorgeous drives that will deepen your appreciation. This state offers something for everyone, from the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains to the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Top Georgia Scenic Drives To Make You Fall Even More In Love With 'Peach State'

There are several excellent routes to pick from, whether searching for an action-packed weekend vacation or want to take a peaceful drive through some breathtaking landscape. The best picturesque drives in Georgia are covered in this blog post to help you have a fantastic trip. So take out a map, and start traveling.

Jekyll Island to St Simon's Island

When looking for a coastal retreat, take this drive from Jekyll Island to St. Simons Island. This route goes through some of the most beautiful beaches in Georgia.

You'll drive by the gorgeous National Historic Landmark Jekyll Island Club Hotel and Driftwood Beach, where storm-washed trees line the shore. Be sure to spend some time on your journey to St. Simons Island to see the quaint towns and savor some delectable seafood.

Fort Frederica National Monument, which has played a significant role in Georgian history for centuries, is located on St. Simons Island. In addition, you may go kayaking, observe dolphins, or unwind on East Beach while admiring the stunning scenery.

Despite being only 18.5 miles long, this route is well worth the drive because there are many amazing things to do and see. This may be a good choice if you're searching for a fast weekend escape.

Understanding the Locals and their Culture

One of the best things you can do when organizing a road trip is to get to know the people and traditions of the region. Drive around Georgia and visit with welcoming locals eager to tell you about their state.

With this exploration, you'll also learn about the housing market and the ideal areas for travelers. However, it only works if you look for information on the appropriate websites. You need specialists who are familiar with the local real estate market. Also, signing up for alerts for properties in Georgia is simple when you visit a website dedicated to real estate. You may better understand your local market and take advantage of possibilities as they arise with real-time data. Constantly pay attention to the features and the locations since you'll undoubtedly fall even more in love with Georgia if you do.

Dahlonega to Helen

Take Georgia State Road 115 from Dahlonega to Helen for a beautiful journey through the North Georgia highlands. You will pass through some tiny villages along this road and stunning mountain scenery.

Along the way, you'll see some well-known sights, including Vogel State Park, an excellent place for hiking and camping, and Babyland General Hospital, where Cabbage Patch Kids are created.

When at Helen, go shopping in the quaint downtown area or, if you are there in the fall, attend the yearly Oktoberfest event. Autumn is the finest time to make this journey because the leaves are at their most beautiful colors of yellow, orange, and red.

A visit to Anna Ruby Falls, where two streams meet at the base of a 153-foot cascade, is another option. It is one of the most well-liked locations nearby and is unquestionably worth visiting. Remember to bring a camera and get some stunning pictures.

Georgia Foothills Loop: Canton, Ellijay, Amicalola Falls

On this gorgeous route, you will travel through some of Georgia's most stunning scenery. Beginning the journey in Canton will allow you to visit the city's historic landmarks and attractions. You might also go to the nearby city of Ellijay, which has a lovely downtown area with intriguing shops and eateries.

From there, continue to Amicalola Falls State Park to witness the 729-foot-tall falls in awe-inspiring detail. You can take advantage of the several hiking routes in the park or travel to Amicalola Falls Lodge via cable car for even more impressive views. Look for some of Georgia's well-known species, including deer, wild turkeys, and black bears.

Your journey will come to a close with a visit to the Millen-Jenkins County Museum, which features exhibits about the local history. You'll see a lot of Native American artifacts, Civil War relics, and other items that depict earlier American civilizations.

Carters Lake Loop

Beautiful lake views, quaint tiny towns, and rolling hills may all be found along this picturesque journey. Drive to Carter Lake from Ellijay to begin the tour. Along the journey, you'll see apple orchards, charming farmhouses, and wildflower fields.

Alternatively, choose to go boating or fishing at Carters Lake while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the lake and surrounding mountains. You may explore the paths that encircle the lake, which are great for mountain biking and hiking.

The next destination along this gorgeous trip is Chatsworth, which has a variety of charming shops, art galleries, and restaurants serving delectable Southern fare. You can explore the local wineries and savor some of Georgia's best wines in Ellijay, where your journey will end.

This route is ideal for those who want to take their time and gently experience Georgia's countryside. This gorgeous drive will deepen your affection for the "Peach State" because there are many beautiful locations to see.

The Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway, Villanow

The most picturesque areas of North Georgia are traversed along this route. Be sure to stop along the journey to admire the breathtaking views of the Appalachian mountains and green valleys.

Discover the charming little towns of Ringgold, Trion, Summerville, LaFayette, and more on your scenic drive. Walk across Chickamauga Battlefield National Park to see one of America's most significant Civil War engagements or explore Villanow's town square to learn about its captivating history. Finally journey along Georgia's picturesque Pinhoti Trail for an invigorating trek or bike ride – an ideal way to better your experience.

What Is Different About the Drive?

Experience the beauty of North Georgia as you travel along this picturesque drive! Discover the small-town charm, and relish in luscious valleys and majestic mountain views. Whether biking on the Pinhoti Trail or exploring Chickamauga Battlefield National Park, endless outdoor recreation options are sure to bring joy and adventure.

Overall, one of the finest ways to learn about Georgia and experience its beauty is by traveling along the Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway. Every tourist seeking a fantastic experience will undoubtedly have a lasting memory after experiencing it.

This route will teach you more about Georgia's rich history, culture, and scenic beauty while revealing why it is known as the "Peach State." A tour guide can always show you the best places, but nothing compares to driving alone and at your speed.

Cohutta Wilderness Loop

This incredible 75-mile journey takes you into the Cohutta Wilderness, a stunning region close to Ellijay. Large pine forests, swift rivers, and never-ending views of the Blue Ridge Mountains are all along the route.

There will be many opportunities to pause and enjoy the view after you arrive at Fort Mountain. The impenetrable stone wall and the Fort Mountain State Park offer exploring trails.

The route also passes by Grassy Cove, one of Georgia's most significant natural coves, and Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway, dotted with waterfalls and picturesque vistas.

Can you Camp in Cohutta Wilderness?

You can. Almost 100 rustic campsites are available in the Cohutta Wilderness for overnight camping. Also, it's one of the few locations in Georgia where wild horses can be seen roaming.

Although you don't need a permit to camp here, the U.S. Forest Service advises getting one to lessen the environmental impact of your trip. You're also guaranteed a wonderful experience because many fantastic places to camp in the woods exist.

All age groups can enjoy the location safely. One of the most incredible places to camp in Georgia is Cohutta Wilderness, which offers many open areas to explore and a wide range of outdoor activities. Careful planning and the appropriate equipment are required to make the most of the visit.

The Effingham-Ebenezer Historic Byway

You should aim toward this area to see some of Georgia's most breathtaking historical and natural monuments. You'll pass through little communities like Guyton, Springfield, and Ebenezer on your drive, which begins at the Effingham-Ebenezer Scenic Byway.

You can stop along the road to tour Fort Morris State Historical Park, a fort and museum from the Civil War. The Old Ebenezer Cemetery and the ancient Ebenezer Church, built in 1771, will be visible.

You can go kayaking along the Ogeechee River or visit the grounds of the former Confederate fort after you get to Fort McAllister Historic Site. Take in the beauty of the magnificent live oaks and Spanish moss as you travel along this route.

Which is the Best Time to Visit?

The Effingham-Ebenezer Scenic Byway is best visited in the spring or fall when the weather is temperate and the foliage is most colorful. It is preferable to schedule your trip at a different time of year since the summer can be sweltering.

You will undoubtedly be in for a treat no matter what time of year you choose to go this way. Georgia's countryside's best vistas may be found along this drive. Looking at the weather prediction is essential, though, and you'll indeed have a fantastic trip.

The Millen-Jenkins County Byway, Millen

This Millen-Jenkins County Byway is the ideal route to explore for history buffs. One of Georgia's oldest cities, Millen, has witnessed much history in its lengthy existence. The Jenkins County Courthouse or historic downtown Millen, where you'll see still-standing structures from the early 1800s, are good places to start your drive.

After that, drive across Camp Lawton, a Civil War-era Confederate POW camp. While driving, you can also stop at Magnolia Springs State Park and the Old Millen Railroad Depot. This park offers miles of hiking and bike routes and breathtaking natural views, making it the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the countryside.

Tips for Planning Your Trip

Before you hit the road, explore the area and create a list of stops for your journey. Check local weather predictions and pack accordingly, as some routes may require additional resources in rural areas. Additionally, plan for potential delays due to bad weather or road closures. Don't forget to bring extra food and water with you too! Familiarize yourself with every state park's policies before embarking on this adventure while driving safely along the way, and don't forget the camera; document this memory-filled experience through photographs.

Blue Ridge Scenic Highway

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the state's most alluring alpine scenery. Start your drive close to Ellijay, and then make your way north to Blue Ridge. As you pass along the undulating hills, and lush pine forests, picturesque towns like Cherry Log and McCaysville will appear before you. Don't forget to stop at Folkston Funnel for an unforgettable experience watching trains carefully traverse this highland area with limited space.

The Natural Bridge (Milepost 61) and the Toccoa River offer stunning vistas along this journey (Milepost 91). You'll arrive in Blue Ridge at the end of your adventure, where you may tour the town's downtown or take a scenic ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.

Take the journey during the spring and fall when temperatures are mild, allowing you to appreciate all the beauty nature offers. Furthermore, take this opportunity to get in touch with local communities.

Which are the Recreational Activities to Try?

Embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and adventure! There are plenty of enjoyable activities for you to try along the way. For instance, why not go whitewater rafting down the Chattahoochee River or rappelling in Tallulah Gorge? Or if hiking is more your thing, take a trek up Amicalola Falls, it's sure to be an exciting day that'll stay with you forever.

Stroll around St. Marys Riverfront Park or go wine tasting in the coastal city of Savannah for something less demanding. Also, stop by the San Souci Winery for some delectable regional wines.

Brasstown Bald, Georgia's highest point at 4,784 feet above sea level, is one of the state's best-kept secrets. It will reward you with breathtaking views of the nearby mountains from the summit. If feeling particularly adventurous, several routes lead past waterfalls and along ridgelines.

In Georgia, there are a ton of beautiful roads to go on. These routes will allow you to experience nature and see some of the most breathtaking views in the state, whether planning a quick day trip or a lengthy vacation. The best way to experience them is to plan your route and give each of these drives the attention it deserves.