Gold Camp Road

Gold Camp Road, a spooky spot with collapsed tunnels in CO

Gold Camp Road is a highly scenic dirt trail from Colorado Springs to near Victor, with a length of 8.6 miles one way. It was easily passable in any passenger vehicle, with gentle grades and usually gentle curves. The two remaining (three if you count the collapsed tunnel) Gold Camp Road Tunnels set into the hills of Colorado Springs' Bear Creek Park are said to be severely haunted, and while this is just superstition, the threatening claws of the fence guarding one of the tunnels aren't doing anything to discourage the stories.

The surface of the road is unpaved. This stretch of road should not be attempted by novice drivers. There are also tales of rail workers haunting the place (the tunnels used to be for railway lines) so you could catch a glimpse of one or those. The road opened in 1920’s but it was a car toll road. In 1988 the tunnel #3 collapsed and was never repaired. Later, more tunnels did collapse. Because of this, the road is now closed to vehicular traffic and is popular with bikers and hikers. Anyway, a detour has been built to bypass over it. This location is a popular hangout for high schoolers and teens, especially on summer nights. Various stories surround what makes these tunnels haunted. When the tunnels were built in the 1800’s – it’s said that many workers died in actually building the tunnels. There have been rumblings of a school bus accident ranging from a suicidal driver to an oncoming train. Legend has it that the entire bus full of children perished. Nowadays, hikers report hearing laughter in the area and cars able to get close enough have found tiny handprints in window fog. Today, people drive through the 2nd tunnel waiting for the car to be moved after putting it in park and turning off the lights. Others have said to see apparitions of men in cloaks. The third tunnel, you are not able to drive through but many peer in wondering the secrets of this spooky spot.

This trail, in bad conditions, with extremely large pot holes that could potentially pop a tire, crack a rim, or screw up your cars allignment, starts at the parking lot where Gold Camp Road meets High Drive and Cheyenne Canyon Road. Suddenly there’s a U-turn gaining elevation, and crossing the creek will arrive the Seven Bridges Trail. Another long switchback will come, before arriving to the collapsed tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel it appears the Silver Cascade Falls, and the trail keeps climbing up. After 5 miles, it comes 2 tunnels more, before the loop under St. Peters dome. Eventually it will arrive the Old Stage Road which is open to vehicular traffic and continues on to Cripple Creek. You can turn around here and enjoy the sweet ride downhill all the way to the trail head. The road is part of the Gold Belt Scenic Byway.
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