Seven Sisters Road

L Road in Nebraska is haunted by the screams of 7 sisters

Located in Otoe County, in the US state of Nebraska, L Road is the name of a road supposedly haunted by the screams of 7 sisters. If you’re sensitive to sibling drama, you’ll want to stay off this old road.

Located just about five miles southeast of Nebraska City —about an hour south of Omaha—, L Road is mostly unpaved built through a hilly region. It’s locally known as the Seven Sisters Road, because of a grisly tale. Make sure you’re not alone and done before dark driving on the road. According to local legend, seven women were murdered here in the 1900s. The story changes, depending on the source, but the chilling essentials are the same. One version of the story is about a belligerent farmer. He lived along a road with seven hills many years ago. One night he snapped and hung his daughters one by one onto tree limbs. Each daughter was hung on a tree atop each one of the seven hills, giving the area its locally known name. Another version is about a family with one son and seven daughters. After a disagreement got heated, the son left the house to wait. When their parents left, he returned to kill each one of his sisters, one by one, hanging them from seven trees along the road.

The road is 35.88km (22.3 miles long), running east-west from S 62nd Road to S 18th Road. Since 1900’s, this road is said to be haunted by the restless spirits of those women. Local lore has it that, anyone brave enough to drive the road at night is likely to feel their eerie presence and hear their screams of terror and the moans they made as they died. Others have even seen mysterious, flickering lights, or have caught a glimpse of figures in white or mysterious red eyes appearing in the dark. Some say their headlights got mysteriously dimmer while on the road, only to return to full power once they were past the area. Travelling on this road is definitely a chilling experience.



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