Ortega Ridge Road is haunted by 3 ghostly nuns

Located on the Central Coast of California, in USA, Ortega Ridge Road is the name of a road supposedly haunted by the spirits of 3 nuns.

Ortega Ridge Road

Tucked away in Santa Barbara County, between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the road is totally paved. Legend says three nuns —known as Las Tres Hermanas — were robbed, tortured and murdered by bandits on the road over a hundred years ago, during California’s Gold Rush. Travelers frequently report seeing the three nuns standing on the side of the road, arms crossed.

The road is 2.09km (1.3 miles) long, running south-north from Ortega Hill Road to CA-192. Some drivers say the 3 nuns with white faces with eerily glowing blueish eyes can be spotted walking along the street, dressed in nun's clothing and holding their hands in prayer.