Dangerous Roads in Utah That You Should Be Aware Of

Each city or country is dangerous in its own way. If you find yourself in Utah, certain roads have a reputation for being particularly dangerous. There are some places to watch out for next time you are on the street. Some of them may surprise you.

Dangerous Roads in Utah That You Should Be Aware Of


Known as the I-15, this is by far the busiest highway in the state. This spanned road system allows people to travel to the northernmost and southernmost ends of the state. The I-15 is a convenient way to get to the most populous cities in the state, such as Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo, and St. George.
The Utah Highway Patrol states that 20% of all fatal road accidents involve people who are not wearing seat belts at the time. However, if you need a break from driving, you should visit Zion National Park, located in the western part of the U.S. There you can see the forest, woodland, popular mammals, and much more. Speaking of I-15, high-speed driving is possible in many areas. This includes areas that reach speed limits of 75-80 mph. This part of the road is very famous for heavy traffic jams because people go to work.


The highway passes through the "spaghetti bowl" part of the highway system. It is an area where accidents and traffic jams are likely to occur. Remember that there are a lot of cars on the road; more traffic accidents will occur. The highway also has a section where you can increase the speed limit to 75 mph in some areas. Bad weather, such as rain and snowfall, can occur in some parts of this province. Also, there are several sections where animal movement and crossing are common.

Salt Lake County

It's no wonder that accidents increase every year in populated areas. According to the Department of Public Safety, more than one-third of the 61,000 accidents nationwide in 2020 occurred in Salt Lake County. Interestingly, the data shows that 85% of all accidents occurred in dry road conditions, suggesting that bad weather was not the main cause of road accidents. In addition, many accidents occur at speeds of less than 20 mph. This may indicate that a high percentage of accidents occur during congestion on rural roads or highways. UDPS also states that 42% of all accidents occur at intersections. Therefore, look carefully before entering the intersection.


Starting in Millard County near the historic Cove Fort and crossing the rest of the continent to the east coast, Interstate 70 runs from west to east. This one is described as one of the most desolate interstates in the United States. About 100 miles from Salina to the Green River, there are no petrol pumps, soda machines, or toilets.
However, driving in southeastern Utah is very spectacular, with beautiful landscapes and meandering, expansive Spotted Wolf Canyon for truly enchanting views. This route represents vast deserts, deep canyons, cliffs, and unique rock formations.

Safe driving is important not only for people but also for vehicles. Smooth and safe driving not only reduces accidents but also reduces wear over time and improves fuel economy, so next time you sit behind the wheel, be careful and stay safe!