Alaska’s Highest Highway Passes

Located on the northwestern portion of the North American continent, Alaska is a state in the Western United States. It’s bordered only by Canada on the east and surrounded by oceans on three sides: Arctic Ocean to the North, Bering Sea to the West, and the Pacific Ocean to the South. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful place and with wide open spaces. It deserves its reputation for being cold. Much of the state is covered in a layer of permafrost—permanently frozen soil.

Alaska’s Highest Highway Passes
Mountain Pass Elevation Highway
Atigun Pass 1.444m (4,739ft) Dalton Highway
Summit Pass 1.295m (4,250ft) Alaska Highway 
Maclaren Summit 1.245m (4,086ft) Denali Highway
Eagle Summit 1.113m (3,652ft) Steese Highway
Chilkat Pass 1.061m (3,480ft) Haines Highway 
Eureka Summit 1.016m (3,332ft) Glenn Highway
Isabel Pass 1.005m (3,297ft) Richardson Highway
Bear Creek Summit 1.004m (3,294ft) Alaska Highway
White Pass 1.003m (3,292ft) South Klondike Highway
Twelvemile Summit 972m (3,190ft) Steese Highway
Tahneta Pass 914m (3,000ft) Glenn Highway
Thompson Pass 841m (2,759ft) Richardson Highway