Beaver Creek Road

How To Travel The Beaver Creek Road

County Road 655 (Beaver Creek Road) is a high mountain road located in Park County, in the U.S. state of Colorado. It’s one of the highest roads of Colorado.

Located in the Rocky Mountains, the road is totally unpaved. 4x4 vehicle required. This area is clearly posted a private property with no trespassing signs. Accessibility is largely limited to the summer season. It is not generally snow-free until late June or even July in some years.

County Road 655 (Beaver Creek Road) is 14km (8.69 miles) long, running from Alma, the highest incorporated town in North America, to Beaver Creek Iron Mine, at 3.686m (12,093ft) above the sea level. The road is steep. The elevation gain is 520 meters and the average gradient is 3.71%.
A minor gravel road, north of Beaver Ridge, climbs up to 3.787m (12,424ft) above the sea level.
Pic: John Carter


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