Scotts Bluff Summit Road: the oldest concrete road in Nebraska

Scotts Bluff Summit is a scenic overlook at an elevation of 1.407m (4,616ft) above the sea level, located in Scotts Bluff County, on the western border of the U.S. state of Nebraska.

Scotts Bluff Summit Road

Is the road to Scotts Bluff Summit paved?

Located within the Scotts Bluff National Monument, the road to the summit is totally paved. It’s called Scotts Bluff Summit Road (or simply Summit Road). Built between 1932 and 1937, it’s the oldest concrete road in the State of Nebraska and features the only three vehicular tunnels in the state.

Is the road to Scotts Bluff Summit open?

The road to the summit is 2.57km (1.6 miles) long and provides easy access to the summit. It’s narrow with sharp curves so vehicles longer than 25 feet and/or higher than 11 feet 7 inches and all trailers are prohibited. The road may close periodically due to weather conditions or rock slides. Entry by vehicular traffic during the summer season is permitted from 9 am until 5:30 pm. All vehicles must be off the road by 6 pm.

Is the road to Scotts Bluff Summit steep?

The drive is pretty steep. Starting from Old Oregon Trail (Nebraska Highway 92), on Mitchell Pass, the ascent is 2.57km (1.6 miles) long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 150 meters and the average gradient is 5.83%. The drive offers scenic views and the summit hosts a big parking lot, with stunning views of the North Platte Valley and distant Chimney Rock and Laramie Peak. High risk of rock slide.
Pic: Joshua Kaminski