2020 South Carolina Truck Accident Statistics

Realistically, you can’t totally eliminate accidents. As much as you do not want it to happen, it will occur. However, every state’s goal is to lower the number of vehicle accidents in the area. 

2020 South Carolina Truck Accident Statistics

Car accidents are already dangerous even when it only involves sedans, SUVs, motorcycles, and/or pedestrians. But there are also truck accidents. Truck accidents are incredibly deadly. Any truck accident would most likely result in drivers having severe injuries and significant damages to vehicles involved.

Truck accident statistics will not only show you the numbers of fatalities or occurrences, but these numbers imply how safe the roads you live in are. If you live in South Carolina, you might be aware of the severity of accidents happening in your area. South Carolina has been known to be an accident-prone state.

Check if the state’s statistics have improved or not. Also, learn the top reasons behind truck accidents to be able to know how to prevent accidents, especially if you handle a truck. 

What Are The Statistics?

This year South Carolina is still part of the top ten states where most accidents occur. Although comparing it to the previous years, its ranking has dropped. From being part of the top three last 2018, it is only ranking six this 2020.

The pandemic was a big reason for the truck accident rate lowering this year. Since there are fewer cars on the road, there were also fewer accidents.

In this recent year, the number of fatal accidents was at 6.5%. The number of deaths was 49 car drivers, 10 truck drivers, and 6 pedestrians.

What Are The Causes?

Accidents do not happen without reason. Here are the top eight reasons behind the truck accidents in South Carolina:

1. Sleep Deprivation

A lot of drivers hit the road even though they are too tired to do so. There is only an amount of time where drivers can drive. There are regulations that state how long drives should be.

Long drivers need to take a thirty-minute rest after the first eight-hour shift. They are only allowed eleven hours a day and should take a 34-hour break when they have reached the maximum driving time per week, 70 hours.

There are times drivers force themselves to drive despite being sleep deprived because of their employers. Overdriving can cause driver fatigue which makes you less focused and sleep while behind the wheel.

2. Long Drives

Logistics want to raise more profit and to do so they need more complete deliveries. Truck drivers also want more income, so they will push for longer trips. This type of pressure can lead drivers to make irrational decisions like speeding just to complete more deliveries.

3. Substance Abuse

Some drivers take too many medicines to keep them awake. Not all are aware of the side effects of taking drugs like drowsiness. Truck drivers involved in fatal accidents also have been reported to be drunk.  

4. Distracted Driving

Several accidents occur because drivers were unfocused. One reason behind their lack of attention is because of distractions like their mobile devices—some drivers text while driving or play a movie to keep themselves entertained for the long drive.

Even though their eyes are on the road while they talk to someone on the phone, their attention is limited. Even eating while driving is also a distraction.

5. Overweight Cargo

The weight of the truck also causes accidents. There are times wherein trucks will be filled with too much cargo causing the truck to go over its weight capacity to make the trip worth it. A heavy truck is hard to control when driving. There are also instances where the shipment is not secured and will cause imbalances.

6. Truck Malfunction

Accidents happen because trucks are not properly maintained. You would hear various news that the truck driver lost control of the breaks or the tire blew, which causes the accidents.

7. Reckless Driving

The primary reason behind the accidents will most likely be because of the driver’s action. Negligent drivers will always be responsible for the damages done to other cars and drivers. Not following traffic regulations and practicing proper is the reason why these accidents occur.  

8. Poor Driving Skills 

Reckless drivers would be the result of poor driving skills. In the first place, drivers are now well-trained to be on the road. Their inexperience and lack of driving skills make them irresponsible and pose a risk to other drivers.

These causes not only apply to truck accidents, but some are also the reason behind other car accidents. 

What To Do When Involved In An Accident?

You would not want to be caught in a truck accident, but it is best to be prepared for it if you live in South Carolina. Before anything else, make sure you ensure you are safe first after the accident. It is also best to have a health and car insurance policy secured beforehand. 

There are laws protecting the victims. You should contact a truck accident lawyer to help you press charges against the defendant. Lawyers will also aid you in knowing who should be sued depending on the accident. You can sue the truck driver, the truck company, shipping company, truck mechanic, or even the truck’s manufacturer in truck accidents.

Truck accidents always involve serious injuries and damages. File a personal injury claim and seek compensation against those who are responsible.