Top 10 Scenic Drives In Nevada

Nevada is endowed with desert terrain. However, there is still a lot to see in the state. The state of Nevada is beatified by the effects of natural occurrences like high winds, erosion, and torrential rains that took place millions of years back. Here, you will have amazing blue waters, exceptional geographical formations, and many other effects that simply tell the world that a desert could still be very beautiful. 

Top 10 Scenic Drives In Nevada

When you think of Nevada, you immediately envision the illuminated Las Vegas strip, but there is so much more to see than the typical casinos and nightclubs you’d expect. 

Mt. Rose Scenic Drive

This trip starts from Reno, NV and terminates at Lake Tahoe, NV, covering 37 miles. It’s available at all seasons. Any trip that will blow your mind in Nevada must include the sight of the Tahor Ultra Blue Lake. This trip in particular would take you through lots of scenes that are eye catching. You will start at a steep ascent and run through the desert, coming up to the mountains, with views of scintillating landscapes as you drive. From the mountains, you come up to the dense woods on rugged cliffs. When you get to the incline village, you will need to make a stop and enjoy the aerial view of Lake Tahoe, enjoying the sight for a soothing feel, or taking pictures for lifetime memories.

Mt. Charleston Loop

This trip commences and ends in Las Vegas, NV. It covers 59 miles and is available at all seasons. It is a trip that starts at the outskirts of the city and ends there too. The great thing is that it will take you away from the ever busy casino filled city and take you through the core of Mt. Charleston Wilderness. When you are in the wilderness, you will have a lot of trails to venture into. While you can explore some on horseback, do not fail to explore some by foot, as this gives you a natural first hand feel. People who are athletic enough may wish to climb some of the slopes around the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort on their way.

Walker River Scenic Drive

The trip starts from Yerington, NV and ends at Hawthorne, NV. It covers 557 miles and is available at all seasons. This is the drive that will take you around the East Walker River in a lot of twists and turns, and bring you to the Walker Lake. So, you need to stock up on snacks and gas before you embark on this. Between the starting and termination point of this trip, you will encounter no towns of signs of civilization. That’s why you need to be full on supplies. You will run through bushes, and in some cases, ranches by the valley of the Wassuk Range. One huge achievement here, is that you will experience the 11,239-foot Mt. Grant, which is the largest in the area.

Rainbow Canyon Scenic Drive

It starts from Caliente, NV and ends at Elgin, NV, covering 22 miles, and could be explored all through the year. When you embark on this trip that will take you through the deep Rainbow Canyon that lies between Delamar and Clover Mountains, some of the most significant things you will experience are the rock formations of multiple colors on both sides of the road. Along the road, you will also experience the waters from the Meadow Valley Wash, as it trickles down and feeds the sprouting cottonwood trees along the desert route. If you have any intention of camping, you can use the nearby wilderness area of the Clover Mountains.

Angel Lake Scenic Drive

This takes you from Wells, NV to Angel Lake, NV, taking up 13 miles, and it can only be available in spring, summer and falls.This may be one of the shortest routes, but it presents an amazing panoramic view of the Humboldt Mountains to give you your money’s worth. You won’t have many tourists coming to this region of the state because of the harsh weather. Because of the cold temperature that lasts all through the whole year, you won’t even see the natives making this trip unless its summer. The drive terminates around the Angel Lake, which is always crystal clear when the ice clears off.

Big Smoky Valley Scenic Drive

This is a 118 miles trip that takes you from Tonopah, NV to Austin, NV all through the year. Hidden between the Toiyabe Range and the far removed Toquima Range, this route that is rarely used, will present amazing mountain views to you. The good thing here is that you can always get supplies and top up your fuel as you drive across the small quiet villages of Hadley, Carvers, and Kingston. At Hadley, lies the gold mine that could be an amazing site for you, as you contemplate on what it will look like if you get in there and pick some bars.

Valley of Fire Highway

It is a 36 miles trip from Moapa Valley, NV to Crystal, NV, and which is available at all seasons. Driving through the Valley of Fire exposes the tourist to images of amazing red sandstones designed by nature thousands of years ago. You can actually stop and have a better view of the rocks, with the Seven Sisters Vista and the Elephant Rock Vista presenting the best opportunities for this. If you desire to see the very old Native American cave drawings , you can do the one-mile Petroglyph Canyon Trail.

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway

This takes you through 20 miles from Lamoille, NV to Elko, NV, and you can enjoy it in the fall, spring and summer. The drive takes you through the canyon that lies in the middle of the Ruby Mountains, and offers you amazing views of cascading waterfalls, and permanent snow fields in a panoramic manner. You can make a stop at Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest to enjoy some trails and see the landscape closely. You can also hike a trail around the Terraces Picnic Area or view and enjoy the serenity hidden below the aspen and willow trees

Red Rock Canyon Loop

This involves a trip of 49 miles within Las Vegas, NV that is available in season and out of season. Those who want to slow down on long distance trips can simply take to the viewing of the wonders of geology, where amazing rock formations and sandstone cliffs found on the Red Rock Canyon will make their day. You can get closer to the history of the region and appreciate their wildlife by making a stop at the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center. You can also explore hiking trails, including the Willow Springs and White Rock that cover four miles. They are some of the most hiked trails. At the Red Rock Canyon Overlook, you can capture amazing images.

Pyramid Lake Scenic Byway

The 55 miles trip will commence at the Spanish Springs, NV and end at the Fernley, NV, and you can embark on this all year round. This is actually located in the thick of the desert, but with routes that cross different terrains from the Virginia Mountains to the ultra-blue Pyramid Lake. You can take amazing shots at the Nature designed tufa rock formations. With a brief detour, bird lovers can watch a lot of American White Pelicans and a huge number of migrating birds at the Island National Wildlife Refuge, but not without their binoculars. You can also get more information about Nixon by making a stop at the Visitor Center and the Pyramid Lake Museum.