Glenn Highway is not something to miss

Glenn Highway (part of Alaska Route 1) is a very scenic drive located in southcentral Alaska, in USA. The road takes you through several towns and natural wonders of Alaska.

Glenn Highway

How long is Glenn Highway?

The road is 288km (179 miles) long, running from Anchorage to Glennallen on the Richardson Highway. It’s a good, 2-lane paved highway named for Captain Edwin Glenn, leader of an 1898 U.S. Army expedition.

How long does it take to drive the Glenn Highway?

The drive is 4 hours without any stop. The highways grades are moderate. The highway originated as the Palmer Road in the 1930s. During your ride you’ll see amazing mountain views, drive by waterfalls, and gorgeous rivers. The road tops out at Eureka Summit, at an elevation of 1.016m (3,332ft) above the sea level. The road takes travelers north of Anchorage and along historic pathways and natural wonders of Alaska.