The haunted Lydia’s Bridge in NC

Lydia’s Bridge is an abandoned railroad bridge located in Jamestown, Guilford County, North Carolina, in USA. Rumors of a vanishing hitchhiker have been reported on this road.

Lydia’s Bridge

It’s a local favorite for paranormal enthusiasts. The bridge is said to be haunted, and has caused many disturbances in the town. It is the subject of local folklore regarding a vanishing hitchhiker known as "Lydia". Many people over the years have claimed to see the girl in white alongside the road.

The bridge is certainly breathtaking and it has a fearsome reputation. Legend says the bridge is haunted by a spirit, known as “Lydia”, that has been seen on rainy and foggy nights as she walks alone or stands beside the road searching for help to get back home. Many people report seeing her on the side of the road, as if hitchhiking. Her apparition is so clear that many travelers believe she is real until she disappears in front of their eyes.
Pic&video: prissypen