Tassajara Road, a very challenging ride through mountain terrain

Tassajara Road is a mountain road located on the Pacific coast of the U.S. state of California with one-lane corners and deep ruts in the road at various times of year.

Tassajara Road

The road is totally unpaved. Located within the Monterey County, in Los Padres National Forest, the road is a very challenging ride. It’s 17.1 miles long, running north-south from East Carmel Valley Road towards Tassajara Hot Springs, a collection of natural hot springs in the Ventana Wilderness, within the Carmel Valley.
The road winds its way through mountain terrain. The road peaks around 5,000ft and the last few miles descending into Tassajara can be rougher than the first part of the road. 4-wheel drive and high clearance vehicles only. A manual transmission is recommended. The condition of the road can change rapidly depending on the weather. There are no guard rails. Don't try to drive it at night. Go slow around corners and pay attention. Cellular service is unreliable. This route may be impassable during winter months.

A short (0,7 miles long) road, east of Tassajara Road, climbs up to Oliver Observing Station (MIRA), at an elevation of 1.524m (5,000ft) above the sea level. The site has world-class qualities for optical astronomical observations.
Pic&video: Tassajara Zen Mountain Center