Puerto Rico

In the shimmering heart of the Caribbean, where salsa rhythms blend seamlessly with the sound of rolling waves, Puerto Rico offers a driving experience as rich as its coffee and as spirited as its festivals. Coast along Route 187, hugging the island's northern beaches, where local kioskos offer tantalizing treats at every stop. Dive into the verdant embrace of El Yunque National Forest via Route 191, a journey that promises the serenades of coquí frogs and the misty allure of waterfalls. Or explore the panoramic vistas of La Ruta Panorámica, a stretch that snakes through the central mountains, revealing the true, lush heart of the island. In Puerto Rico, every road is a celebration of life, nature, and culture. So, adjust your rearview mirror, feel the tropical breeze, and let the island's roads lead you on a journey through the soul of the Caribbean.

Driving the scenic Panoramic Route in Puerto Rico

Ruta Panorámica Luis Muñoz Marín is a very scenic drive crossing Puerto Rico from west to east through Cordillera Central, the central mountain range. This is an adventure road trip, ideal for the confident driver.

Puente Mata de Plátanos is an iconic bridge in Puerto Rico

Mata de Plátanos Bridge is an iron bridge located near Ciales, in Central Puerto Rico. It’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.

The wild road to Cerro de Punta is not a Sunday Drive

Cerro de Punta (or just Cerro Punta) is a mountain peak at an elevation of 1.331m (4,366ft) above the sea level, located on the border between the municipalities of Jayuya and Ponce in the mountainous center region of Puerto Rico.