Camino Rivera del Pilón

Camino Rivera del Pilón: rough and bumpy

Camino Rivera del Pilón is a scenic road running along the Pilon river in Nuevo León state and Coahuila state, in Mexico.

The road links the town of Rayones and Casillas going through the infamous access of Cerro San Rafael at 3.710 masl (Coahuila state highest point). The road is under construction is and expected to be completed in 2018. The first paved section goes to Casillas, the second section is dirt and under construction.

The road offers great views of Pilon river (or Casillas river) turquoise waters, flora, canyon walls and huge mountains views of Sierra Madre as El Cuahuilon Mt at 3530 masl, El Tecolote Mt at 3480 masl, Minillas Peak, La Bandera Mt at 2750 masl and finally the San Rafael Mt at 3710, all seen from above at 1350 mas. A great scenic road not to be missed!
Road suggested by: Eblem Torres


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