The road to Mesa del Nayar with spectacular views

Mesa del Nayar (Road from Ixcatán-Jesús María Mexico 44) departs at Jesús María (430 masl) and goes to the coast at Ruiz, Nayarit, but it has to go up to a mountain pass of 1.780 masl near Mesa del Nayar, offering spectacular views of the coastal mountains and some canyons.

Mesa del Nayar

It offer spectacular views of Mesa del Nayar mountain mesa and canyons. The road its an good state built in 2013, it dizzies through the mountains going up and down in elevation, the curves are in good grade but this road simply has too many of these. The road also includes 2 braking ramps, its highly recommended to use engine brakes at downhills.
Passing Jesús María, there is a T junction, where the Mexico 23 meets Mexico 44, at any direction the road offers stunning views of the Sierra Madre Mountains, such to Camino a Canoas or Ruta Tepehuana.
Road suggested by: Eblem Torres