Saltillo-Monterrey Highway, a Mexican killer road

Autopista Mexico 40D and Mexico 40 were considered Mexico deadliest highways, until the new toll route opened to traffic in 2009. The original “libre” route had sharp curves and long steep grades, until it was improved around 2000’s. Currently “libre” highway is still dangerous, but the dead list was reduced due the traffic changes after the opening of the toll route.

Autopista Saltillo-Monterrey

This route is very scenic, offering incredible views of Sierra de las Cumbres tall mountains, (some mountains high as 3000 masl). Both highway start near Ramos Arizpe at 1260 masl, and descend to Monterrey metropolitan area at 600 masl. The road is known for being dangerous because of reckless driving, high speed winds and frequent fog and even flash flooding coming from the mountains. The most fatal accident was in January 3, 2013 in both roads, where over 100 vehicles crashed killing 58 people. The accident was caused by a dense fog. Most of the travelers were Mexican-Americans, going back to the US and some Mexican nationals for New Year’s shopping in US cities like Laredo, McAllen and San Antonio.
Road suggested by: Eblem Torres