Highway Mexico 57D is the busiest road in the country

Mexico City - Queretaro (Mexico 57D) stands as the busiest highway in Mexico, channeling most of the commercial traffic from the north of Mexico and the US directly into Mexico City.

Mexico 57D

A Hub of Economic Activity

The surroundings of this highway have witnessed rapid growth over the past four decades, becoming the epicenter of industrial, commercial, and developmental projects in Mexico.

A Modern and Safe Transit Route

Recent enhancements in security measures have elevated this highway's status. Boasting 6 to 8 lanes with robust pavement, including concrete segments, its design mirrors the international standards seen on US interstates.

Reaching New Heights

The highway's adventurous side is revealed as it snakes up to a quaint mountain pass situated at 2,690m (8,825ft) above sea level, near Calpulalpan.

Speed, Safety, and the Unyielding Challenge

Despite its modernity, the highway presents a paradox. Its status as Mexico's busiest road brings about an average of three accidents daily over the 200km stretch between the two cities. The smooth ride often lulls drivers into a false sense of security, leading to speeds reaching a staggering 220 km/h (140 mph). To further the peril, law enforcement struggles to regulate this rapid pace adequately.
Road suggested by: Eblem Torres