Cumbres de Maltrata is a dangerous Mexican road

Cumbres de Maltrata is part of the main highway linking Mexico City to the gulf. This section of the highway is extremely dangerous due its pronounced curves, steep grades and high traffic volume. It’s said to be the most dangerous highway in Mexico (with 4 accidents per day) according to CAPUFE.

Cumbres de Maltrata

Bad weather conditions with frequent fog and rain even sometimes snow in winter time, reckless driving or speeding, constant brakes failure mostly from heavy trucks, people who simply doesn't know how to take a curve or do engine braking, makes this road the Mexico's deadliest highway. Worst accident was in 2006 when a bus fell over into the canyon killing 57 people. Mainly the accident was caused for speeding and due the lack of road surface signals. It’s believed the bus driver confused the road to be continued into the braking ramp, at the moment the ramp was under reparations and there was lack of surface warning signals in the route. The bus took the braking ramp without any gravel for stop and fell directly into the canyon.

The highway offers incredible views of Sierra Madre Oriental and Pico de Orizaba mountains (the highest pass of this highway at 2.630m above the sea level and it descends near to Orizaba at 1.300 masl. It has many braking ramps that are often used by trucks, three tunnels and some bridges.
Road suggested by: Eblem Torres