The journey is the destination along the Anticosti Island Road

Route de l'Île d'Anticosti (also known as Henri-Menier Road or Transanticostienne Road) is a very scenic drive in the Anticosti Island, in Canada.

Route de l'Île d'Anticosti

Where is Route de l'Île d'Anticosti?

The road is located in the Anticosti Island, in the Côte-Nord region of Quebec in Canada, at the outlet of the Saint Lawrence River into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Anticosti Island is over 200 kilometres long and 50 kilometres wide: it’s Québec’s largest island.

How long is Route de l'Île d'Anticosti?

The road is 204km (126 miles) long, running from Port-Menier, a small fishing town located on the western end of the island to various aerodromes and outfitters along the way through Anticosti National Park to the eastern shore. It’s the island's unpaved main road.

Is Route de l'Île d'Anticosti paved?

The road is mostly unpaved. Just a short section at the beginning near Port Menier is paved. Although the main sections are passable with a car, the ideal type of vehicle to operate on the island is a truck. In all cases, make sure you always have a good two spare wheels. It is possible to rent vehicles for the roads in Anticosti territory. In addition, some providers offer packages that include the vehicle. This route includes roads that are closed in winter, Due to the distances and road conditions, it is not recommended to undertake a visit to the island by bike except for the western sector, unless a regular follower of the sport.

How long does it take to drive Route de l'Île d'Anticosti?

To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 5 and 6 hours. Due to the timber transport and the presence of deer, it is better for your safety to respect speed limits and keep a safe distance between vehicles at all times on all roads of the island. For the vehicle, bring at least two full-sized spare tires mounted on rims, tire jack and tools for flat tires, emergency flares, extra gasoline, motor oil, and wiper fluid and a radio. To travel on the island, it is always good to notify at least one person of your destination, approximate time of your return or to your destination. If by any chance you fall down in an isolated area and you do not have means of communication, stay calm and do not leave your vehicle unnecessarily. People you informed of your travel will send someone to pick you up as soon as they will see your delay. The drive is pretty remote: the only services outside of Port-Mernier are 2 information centres that also sell fuel; one on the North shore and one on the South shore of the island.
Pic&Video: EMLSotoda