Riverhurst Crossing is a Canadian ice road

Riverhurst Crossing is an ice road constructed each year at Riverhurst, allowing vehicles to cross Lake Diefenbaker, a reservoir and bifurcation lake in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Riverhurst Crossing

How to travel across Lake Diefenbaker?

Located in the southern part of Saskatchewan, there are two ways to get across Lake Diefenbaker, and it’s worth noting where to find them. You can take the ferry that travels between the village of Lucky Lake on the west side and the village of Riverhurst on the east side. The Riverhurst Ferry is cable-operated and the largest ferry in Saskatchewan. It’s part of the provincial highway system and is how Highway 42 crosses Lake Diefenbaker. The ferry is free of tolls and operates 24 hours a day, with an hourly crossing departing from the east bank on the hour and the west bank on the half-hour. The ferry operates during the ice-free season. And during the winter months, the Ministry of Highways maintains an ice road across the lake.

How long is the Riverhurst Ice Crossing?

The ice road (part of Highway 42) crossing Lake Diefenbaker is 2.1 km (1.3 mi) long.

When is Riverhurst Ice Crossing open?

The ice road is usually open from the beginning of February to the end of March. Driving on a public winter or ice road or ice crossing when it is closed or before its official opening is a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act, with a significant fine. There are periods during freeze-up and thaw when the ice road will be impassable and the ferry will not be operating. The ice road itself will only be open if the thickness of the ice is within safety margins. Visitors are advised to call the Highway Hotline for up-to-the-minute information before planning to cross. (1-888-335-7623). For your safety and your pocketbook, remain off all roads and crossings on the winter road system unless they are officially open to your class of vehicle.

Is Riverhurst Crossing worth it?

Located in the western part of the country, the majority of the Canadian ice roads are in northern Saskatchewan. The only major exception is the Riverhurst Crossing, an ice road constructed each year at Riverhurst and allowing vehicles to cross Lake Diefenbaker. Lake Diefenbaker is huge, and the area that surrounds it encompasses dozens of communities, highways, and attractions. When you’re planning your trip, we really do suggest you plan a drive to take it all in. If this is your first trip to the lake, its size might surprise you.
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