Fort Chipewyan Winter Road

Fort Chipewyan Winter Road crosses breathtaking landscapes in Alberta

Fort Chipewyan Winter Road (also known as Alberta's Winter Road) is an ice road located in Alberta in western Canada. The road begins in the middle of December and every year, by the end of March, it disappears.

The road links Fort McMurray, in Alberta's northeastern corner, and Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories, meandering through heavily forested areas. The road varies in its width. Sometimes it's wide enough for two vehicles and in other areas it's only slightly larger than a single lane road.
With a length of 500km, the road crosses some of the most breathtaking landscapes in all Alberta, wending its way over frozen rivers and marshes. Alberta's Winter Road passes through the northern communities of Fort Chipewyan, Fort Fitzgerald and Fort Smith. 

Due its pass through remote areas, it is important when driving in these conditions to be prepared. Ensure your vehicle is equipped for winter travel with good snow tires and four-wheel drive capability. Be prepared for the unexpected while traveling on the winter road by stocking your vehicle with basic emergency gear, including extra gasoline and oil, a spare tire and jack, a breakdown tool kit, warm clothes and boots, candles and other emergency supplies.



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