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Alberta Highway 40

Alberta Provincial Highway No. 40 is a highway located in western Alberta, Canada. The road has a length of 734 km (456 mi) and links Coleman in the municipality of Crowsnest Pass northward to Grande Prairie. This south-north highway where you'll be traveling the Highwood Pass, the highest elevation of any highway in the country (7310 ft) is also named Kananaskis Trail in Kananaskis Improvement District and Bighorn Highway in the M.D. of Bighorn No. 8. 

This road is closed from mid-December until June 1st. The drive is definitely worth it. A drive not to be missed! There are many excellent photo opportunities. Don't forget your camera with lots of film/memory, fully charged batteries and an empty memory card! The surface of the road is asphalt, with some gravel (dusty abnd bumpy) sections.
Road closures can be frequent, so check conditions before traveling to this area. The surface of the road is asphalted, but there are 2 long gravel sections. The first gravel section runs for approximately 102 km (63 mi) from the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass to Highway 541, and is currently marked as Highway 40. The second gravel section, which runs for approximately 293 km (182 mi), through the Rocky Mountains Forest is named Highway 734, also called Forestry Trunk Road. Throughout the journey, you'll be rewarded with abundant views of wildlife (bears, elk, moose, mountain goats & coyotes) and spectacular mountain vistas. This is a scenic day trip that a perfect way to discover Canada and southern Alberta.

If you dare to take the risk and travel along this dusty and bumpy route, make sure you get your vehicle and yourself well-prepared before driving this road. Traveling along Highway 40, from the Trans Canada Highway to the town of Longview 160 km away, this extraordinary route takes you from bald prairie expanses to the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains. In fact, once you reach the Highwood Pass, you'll be traveling on the highest elevation of any highway in the country (7,310 ft). You'll be traveling close to the treeline where you can find pockets of snow even in the middle of summer. 



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