Duffey Lake Road

Duffey Lake Road isa great summer drive in BC

Located in British Columbia, Canada, Duffey Lake Road (Highway 99) is a very scenic and less travelled road trip.

How long is the Duffey Lake Road?

Tucked into the Coastal Mountains, the road is 98.8 km (61.39 miles) long, running from Pemberton (north of Whistler in the Pemberton Valley) to Lillooet (formerly Cayoosh Flat on the Fraser River). Little commercial traffic follows this route. There is no gas station along the route. The road was totally paved in 1991.

Is the Duffey Lake Road dangerous?

Steep hills, sharp hairpins on a hill that set some heavy trucks brakes on fire, and massive drops. Areas have high avalanche risks as it is a mountain road, rocks fall on the road almost daily. Cell phone coverage is unreliable.

Is the Duffey Lake Road open?

The road is typically open all year round, with the occasional closure in winters due to dangerous weather conditions. However, for safe travel, drive Duffey Lake Road during the summer months only. The road tops out at Cayoosh Pass, at 1.291m (4,235ft) above the sea level.

Is the Duffey Lake Road scenic?

The views are spectacular. It’s a drive that nobody ever forgets for being a majestic and scenic as it is for its switchback turns and single lane bridges. If you're afraid of heights, it's probably best to keep your eyes forward. The drive is big fun for motorcycles lovers as well as for automobilists.

What’s the Duffey Lake Loop?

It’s a very scenic drive that starts off in Vancouver, heads up the Sea to Sky highway, through Pemberton and onto Duffey Lake Road and then come back down the highway. The road is 575 km (360 miles) long and plan 6-8 hours depending on vehicle and traffic. This ride is best done in two days, but it can be shortened to one day as well.
Road suggested by: Robert Pottinger


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