Sensabaugh Tunnel

The creepy story of Sensabaugh Tunnel in TN

Located just off Big Elm Road in Kingsport, in Sullivan and Hawkins counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee; rumors of murder, death and satanic rituals surround the tunnel. The locals feel that it is a place of evil, that should be avoided at all costs. It is a place where demonic apparitions appear, where car engines die, and where the shrieks of eternally trapped women and babies echo.

The tunnel was constructed in the early 1920’s. Driving inside the tunnel you will feel creepy as hell, but that was probably because it's, you know, a dark tunnel with creepy stories behind it. It’s one of the most famous haunted places in the area. The tunnel is located not far from Rotherwood Mansion, in the foothills of East Tennessee. If you do choose to go visit it’s recommended that you don't go alone, because of some locals may show up and try to scare you or have other intentions and it is in a remote location. The legend goes that a man named Sensabaugh lived near the tunnel with his family. It is said that he killed his entire family and threw their bodies into the creek within the tunnel. If you enter the tunnel and turn off your car engine, it supposedly will not restart and if you look into your rearview mirror, you will see Mr. Sensabaugh approaching your car. Then, as he approaches, your engine will start again.

The tunnel sits in a state of clear disrepair. There are cracks in the cement, and graffiti is everywhere. The surface of the tunnel is slippery often, and pretty wet. The story goes, Mr. Sensabaugh lived with his family in a house near the tunnel. One day he went crazy, and murdered them all, including his newborn baby, and threw their bodies into the creek in the tunnel. The road that passes through it is only used by locals, and not often by them. It is said that if you drive your car in the tunnel and cut off the ignition or kill it your engine wont start back. Also as you look in your rearview mirror Mr. Sensabaugh will be approaching you and right before he gets to you, your engine will start. Other people claim you can hear Mr. Sensabaugh's footsteps echoing in the tunnel and/or a baby crying. It’s one of the most haunted tunnels on Earth.


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