Shell Island Causeway

Shell Island Causeway, covered by sea water at high tide

Located in Gwynedd, in north-west Wales, Shell Island is a peninsula and the largest campsite in the UK. Twice a day, the tidal causeway to the island disappears with the tides, leaving the area out to sea. Road liable to tidal flooding. Do not proceed when the road is in flood. It’s one of the periodically flooded roads around the world.

Located west of Llanbedr, within the Snowdonia National Park, the peninsula, also known as Mochras, is linked by a tidal causeway which is covered by sea water at high tide. The tide flows out through a series of drain pipes. Weather conditions may close causeway.
A fee is charged to cross the causeway. The causeway lies across the estuary of the River Artro when the tide is out and is cut off by the tides twice a day, and you really need to be careful with the timing – is dedicated to campers; there are no pitches, and the only rule is to stand 20 meters from each other. 
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