Tackling the 12%: The Dramatic Steepness of The Shelf Mountain Pass in Wales

The Shelf is a mountain pass at 348m (1,141ft) above the sea level, located in Denbighshire county, in Wales.

The Shelf

Is The Shelf in Wales paved?

Positioned high in the Clwydian Range, in the north-eastern corner of Wales, the route leading to its peak is primarily paved. However, drivers should be cautious as the pavement is marred with potholes and occasional gravel patches. Given the road condition, it's recommended to ascend rather than descend this route, ensuring a safer drive at moderate speeds. Despite its rough patches, the tranquility of the less-traveled road offers a serene journey.

How long is The Shelf in Wales?

Stretching 7.72km (4.8 miles) towards the summit, the road is characterized by its narrowness and steep inclines. Midway, drivers encounter a challenging bend with a gradient of around 12%. Thankfully, this sharp incline is brief, giving way to a more gradual ascent towards Moel Y Waun. Though not the most challenging of climbs, reaching the top rewards travelers with captivating vistas.