Driving the Britain's bendiest roads

In a country where hairpins are rare, there are 10 roads in Great Britain that are much more than a line between two points. Some British roads are so bendy they exert the kind of forces you would expect on a racetrack.

Top 10 bendy roads in Britain
Road Description Zone
B3081 Cann Common to Tollard Royal Dorset/Wiltshire
A686 Penrith to Melmerby Cumbria
A537 Macclesfield to Buxton Cheshire/Derbyshire
A466 Monmouth and Staunton Monmouth
A4061 Pricetown and Treorchy Rhondda, Wales
A157 Louth to Mablethorpe Lincolnshire
B2130 Godalming to Cranleigh Surrey
B6270 Keld and Reeth North Yorkshire
A39 Bridgwater to Minehead Somerset
B797 Mennock to Warnlockhead Dumfries and Galloway