Highest asphalted roads of Turkey

Highest paved roads of Turkey

Turkey is located in the Middle East, with territory in both Europe and Asia. A glance at a topographical map of Turkey reveals that this is a country of mountains.

List of the highest asphalted mountain roads of Turkey:

Mountain pass Elevation Province
Karakaya Hill 3.148m (10,328ft) Erzurum
Doğu Anadolu Gözlemevi 3.139m (10,298ft) Erzurum
Karabet Geçidi 2.985m (9,793ft) Van 
Palandöken Geçidi 2.897m (9,504ft) Erzurum
Güzeldere Geçidi 2.763m (9,064ft) Van 
Ovit Geçidi 2.690m (8,825ft) Rize-Erzurum 
Bülbülen Geçidi 2.611m (8,566ft) Artvin 
Tendurek Geçidi 2.602m (8,536ft) Van 
Ilgar Dagi Geçidi 2.550m (8,366ft) Ardahan 
Mount Honaz 2.519m (8,264ft) Denizli

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