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Highest roads of Turkey

Turkey is located in the Middle East, with territory in both Europe and Asia. A glance at a topographical map of Turkey reveals that this is a country of mountains.

List of the highest mountain roads of Turkey:

Mountain passElevationProvinceSurface
Mount Erciyes3.330m (10,925ft)Kayseri ProvinceGravel
Yanıkçukur Road3.304m (10,839ft)Ağrı ProvinceGravel
Mount Ararat3.291m (10,797ft)Ağrı ProvinceGravel
Kırkamber Tepesi3.238m (10,623ft)Van ProvinceGravel
Aladaglar National Park3.232m (10,603ft)Niğde ProvinceGravel
Mount Artos3.225m (10,580ft)Van ProvinceGravel
Yedigöller3.173m (10,410ft)Erzurum ProvinceGravel
Büyükejder Tepesi3.155m (10,351ft)Erzurum ProvinceGravel
Hüdavendigar Dağı3.111m (10,206ft)Ağrı ProvinceGravel
Aladaglar National Park3.109m (10,200ft)Niğde ProvinceGravel
Akçaağıl Gölü3.107m (10,193ft)Rize/BayburtGravel
Soganli Daglari3.092m (10,144ft)Trabzon/BayburtGravel
Aladaglar National Park3.089m (10,134ft)Niğde ProvinceGravel
Uzungöl3.087m (10,127ft)Trabzon/RizeGravel
Verçenik Tepesi3.047m (9,996ft)Rize ProvinceGravel
Aladaglar National Park3.010m (9,875ft)Niğde ProvinceGravel
Ziyaret dağı3.002m (9,849ft)Trabzon ProvinceGravel
Aygır Gölü3.001m (9,845ft)Trabzon/BayburtGravel
Kocbasi Tepe2.987m (9,799ft)Ağrı Province Gravel
Karabet Geçidi2.985m (9,793ft)Van ProvinceAsphalt
Danakıran Road2.961m (9,714ft)Ağrı ProvinceGravel
Pivazok Tepesi2.957m (9,701ft)Ağrı ProvinceGravel
Mount Tendürek2.928m (9,606ft)Ağrı/Van ProvincesGravel
Çalyan Tepe2.913m (9,557ft)Van ProvinceGravel
Marsis Mountain2.888m (9,475ft)Artvin ProvinceGravel
Güzeldere Geçidi2.847m (9,340ft)Van ProvinceGravel
Mount Nemrut2.779m (9,117ft)Bitlis ProvinceGravel
Güzeldere Geçidi2.763m (9,064ft)Van ProvinceAsphalt
Kokse Mountain2.681m (8,795ft)Ağrı ProvinceGravel
Uzungöl Yaylaları2.674m (8,772ft)Trabzon ProvinceGravel
Karagöl2.661m (8,730ft)Mersin ProvinceGravel
Çam Geçidi2.640m (8,661ft)Artvin ProvinceAsphalt
Ovit Geçidi2.640m (8,661ft)Rize-Erzurum ProvinceAsphalt
Hayrangöl-Çetins2.627m (8,618ft)Ağrı ProvinceGravel
Durnalu Yaylası2.625m (8,612ft)Trabzon ProvinceGravel
Verçenik Yaylası2.622m (8,602ft)Rize ProvinceGravel
Karagöl2.618m (8,589ft)Giresun ProvinceGravel
Bülbülen Geçidi2.611m (8,566ft)Artvin ProvinceAsphalt
Tendurek Geçidi2.602m (8,536ft)Van ProvinceAsphalt
Kışkılı Köyü2.587m (8,487ft)Bitlis ProvinceGravel
Kemer dağı2.582m (8,471ft)Bayburt ProvinceGravel
Ilgar Dagi Geçidi2.550m (8,366ft)Ardahan ProvinceAsphalt
Apivanak Yaylası2.523m (8,277ft)Rize ProvinceGravel
Mount Honaz2.519m (8,264ft)Denizli ProvinceAsphalt
Şekersu Yaylası2.497m (8,192ft)Trabzon ProvinceGravel
Tahir Pass2.496m (8,188ft)Ağrı ProvinceGravel

Pic: Seyit Burhanettin Akbaş

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