Highest roads of Turkey

Highest roads of Turkey

Turkey is located in the Middle East, with territory in both Europe and Asia. A glance at a topographical map of Turkey reveals that this is a country of mountains.

List of the highest mountain roads of Turkey:

Mountain pass Elevation Province Surface
Mount Erciyes 3.330m (10,925ft) Kayseri Province Gravel
Yanıkçukur Road 3.304m (10,839ft) Ağrı Province Gravel
Mount Ararat 3.291m (10,797ft) Ağrı Province Gravel
Kırkamber Tepesi 3.238m (10,623ft) Van Province Gravel
Aladaglar National Park 3.232m (10,603ft) Niğde Province Gravel
Mount Artos 3.225m (10,580ft) Van Province Gravel
Yedigöller 3.173m (10,410ft) Erzurum Province Gravel
Büyükejder Tepesi 3.155m (10,351ft) Erzurum Province Gravel
Karakaya Hill 3.148m (10,328ft) Erzurum Province Asphalt
Doğu Anadolu Gözlemevi 3.139m (10,298ft) Erzurum Province Asphalt
Hüdavendigar Dağı 3.111m (10,206ft) Ağrı Province Gravel
Aladaglar National Park 3.109m (10,200ft) Niğde Province Gravel
Akçaağıl Gölü 3.107m (10,193ft) Rize/Bayburt Gravel
Soganli Daglari 3.092m (10,144ft) Trabzon/Bayburt Gravel
Aladaglar National Park 3.089m (10,134ft) Niğde Province Gravel
Uzungöl 3.087m (10,127ft) Trabzon/Rize Gravel
Tekfur Tepesi 3.075m (10,088ft) Rize Province Gravel
Baltaş Tepesi 3.047m (9,996ft) Rize Province Gravel
Koçbaşı Tepe 3.028m (9,934ft) Ağrı Province  Gravel
Tahir Gediği 3.022m (9,914ft) Erzurum Province Gravel
Aladaglar National Park 3.010m (9,875ft) Niğde Province Gravel
Ziyaret dağı 3.002m (9,849ft) Trabzon Province Gravel
Aygır Gölü 3.001m (9,845ft) Trabzon/Bayburt Gravel
Karabet Geçidi 2.985m (9,793ft) Van Province Asphalt
Danakıran Road 2.961m (9,714ft) Ağrı Province Gravel
Pivazok Tepesi 2.957m (9,701ft) Ağrı Province Gravel
Çirmaniman Yaylası 2.954m (9,691ft) Rize Province Gravel
Seçedil Dağı 2.930m (9,612ft) Artvin Province Gravel
Mount Tendürek 2.928m (9,606ft) Ağrı/Van Provinces Gravel
Çalyan Tepe 2.913m (9,557ft) Van Province Gravel

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Pic: Seyit Burhanettin Akbaş

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