Road D-400 is just you, the road and the Turkish Mediterranean sea

Road D-400 in Turkey offers one of the most breathtaking drives along the Mediterranean Coast, where it's just you, the road, and the sea. The most captivating stretch covers 31.3 kilometers (19.44 miles), running from Yeşilköy to Kaş in the Antalya Province.

D-400 Road

Navigating dramatic cliffs and sharp bends

This journey is well worth the drive, but don't forget your camera. As you navigate the D400 toward Kaş, the road's sharp bends demand your full attention. Sheer cliff faces rise to your left, while on the right, they plunge down to the Mediterranean expanse, stretching toward the horizon. It's a dramatic scene that might compel you to stop the car (where it's safe) and take it all in. Be cautious when driving at night, as most of the road is unlit.

Awe-inspiring scenery in Turkey's southern paradise

Located in the southern part of the country, this fully paved road is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It winds its way, sometimes allowing only one vehicle at a time. Many parts of the road are bordered by cliffs that drop directly into the sea. While you must keep your eyes on the road, the occasional glimpse at the sea reveals breathtaking, stereotypical Mediterranean views below.

Exploring ancient ruins and natural beauty

The entire journey takes you along winding roads that hug the cliffside, situated between the mountains and the waterfront. Along the route, you'll encounter ancient ruins and natural beauty, making it an exploration well worth the effort.