The Road to Yagdonduran Gecidi in Sivas: A Challenging Winter Journey

Yağdonduran Geçidi is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.761m (5,777ft) above sea level, located in Sivas Province, Turkey.

Yağdonduran Geçidi

Where is Yağdonduran Geçidi?

The pass is located in the central part of the country. It takes its name from the cold at the summit during winter months.

How long is Yağdonduran Geçidi?

The road to the summit is totally paved and called D850. The pass is 132km (82 miles) long, running north-south from Sivas (the seat of Sivas Province) to Gürün. The road is steep, with an 8% maximum gradient through some of the ramps.

What’s the Yağdonduran Tunnel?

Due to the challenging conditions of the area in winters, which receive a significant amount of snow, the road was bypassed by the Yağdonduran Tunnel in 2023. The new tunnel is part of the highway between Kangal districts in the south and Ulaş districts in the north. It is the longest road tunnel in Sivas at 1,567 meters, after the Deliktaş Railway Tunnel, which is 5,473 meters long. Construction of the tunnel, which began in 2016, was completed on December 7, 2023.