Unveiling the Scenic D-687 Road from Beyşehir to Serik: Turkey's Scenic Gem

D-687 is a very scenic road running from Beyşehir to Serik, in Turkey. The road has a 22km (14 miles) gravel section very famous for cyclists.


How long is D-687 road?

The road is 135km (83.88 miles) long running north-south from Beyşehir (Konya Province in the Akdeniz region, on the southeastern shore of Lake Beyşehir) to Serik (in Antalya Province, in Mediterranean region).

Is D-687 road in Turkey paved?

The road starts paved. After 94 km (58 miles), in Başlar, the road turns into gravel for 31km (19 miles) but navigable by most passenger vehicles. The last 22km (14 miles), before arriving to Serik are paved again. In parts, the road is extremely narrow. The drive offers great coastal views and up into the Taurus mountains.
Pic: Kızıldağlı