The Ultimate Guide to Traveling the Yedigöller Yolu

Yedigöller Yolu (Seven Lakes Road) is located in Bolu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey and winds through the Yedigöller National Park.

Yedigöller Yolu

How long is Yedigöller Yolu?

This road, characterized by its narrow and winding features, is fully paved with steep ascents and descents. It’s 85.8 km (53.31 miles) long, running from Bolu to Mengen. Before embarking on this journey, you should be mindful of the road's winding nature and its impact on travel time.

Is Yedigöller Yolu open?

Located on the northwestern part of the country, the road has very steep parts, topping out at 1.710m (5,610ft) above the sea level. In winters, snow is possible. It is advisable for travelers to check current road conditions, especially during adverse weather.

Is Yedigöller Yolu worth it?

Running through the Yedigöller National Park, known for its seven interconnected lakes, the drive is especially scenic in Fall. The drive offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, showcasing the park's diverse flora and fauna.