How To Travel The Road From Soğuksu to Cevizlibelen

Located on the boundary of Vitlis and Van provinces of Turkey, the road from Soğuksu to Cevizlibelen is a very challenging drive.

Soğuksu-Cevizlibelen Road

Set high in eastern Turkey, the road is totally unpaved but navigable by all passenger vehicles. It’s a curvy drive with many hairpin turns. The road is 36.5 km (22 miles) long, running west-east from Soğuksu (Bitlis province) to Cevizlibelen (Van province). This road offers jaw-dropping views, unparalleled freedom, and lots of fresh air.
The road tops out at 2.475m (8,120ft) above the sea level. It’s a very steep drive, hitting an 18% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps.
Pic: vjel1