A road through Çakıt Vadisi for drivers with strong nerves

Located on the border between Adana and Mersin provinces of Turkey, the road through the infamous Çakıt Vadisi is said to be one of the most terrifying roads in the world. 

Çakıt Vadisi

Tucked away in the Taurus Mountains, the road through the Çakıt Valley is totally unpaved and extremely narrow, blasted out of the side of the cliff, with dangerous drops on the side. The road is 24,47 km (15,16 miles) long above the Çakıtsuyu River, running from Belemedik to Kiralan. It’s open to vehicles, bikes and pedestrians.

Be careful: high risk of rock slides. The road was built by the German in the 1920’s, as a service road to carry workers and materials to build a 15km long section with 12 tunnels for the Baghdad-Hijaz railway. It was a project to reach Iraqi and Arab oil and was completed in 1940.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez
Pic: murat can Özkul

UPDATE JULY 2022: The road is impassable at the moment. There are some minor rock slides on the road which look dangerous yet are passable, but about in the middle of the road there are huge rocks barring the whole road. The rock slide is really huge, can't be passed either by car or by motorbike. 
Info provided by: Janka