A wild paved road to Lago dei Cavagnöö

Lago dei Cavagnöö is a high mountain lake at an elevation of 2.352m (7,716ft) above the sea level, located in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

Lago dei Cavagnöö

The road to the Cavagnoli lake is asphalted but narrow and pretty steep, with some hairpin turns. The road is usually impassable from October to June (weather permitting). The road to the crystal-clear lake in primeval primary rock is very exciting and sometimes very exposed and unsecured driveway in innumerable twists and turns. The reservoir was completed in 1968. Its many twists, turns and narrows can pose a challenge to even the most experienced drivers. The road is not easy, though. Up, down, right, left all the time. It's only accessible by aerial tramway.