Highest roads of Switzerland

Highest roads of Switzerland

Located in Western and Central Europe, Switzerland, is the most mountainous country in Europe and remains one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. The country hosts about 20% of the Alps. Approximately 100 peaks are close to or higher than 4.000 meters (13,125 feet) above sea level.

Highest mountain roads of Switzerland:

Name Elevation (m) Canton Surface
Testa Grigia 3.471m (11,387ft) Valais Gravel
Theodulpass 3.336m (10,944ft) Valais Gravel
Hohsaas 3.146m (10,321ft) Valais Gravel
Unterrothorn 3.109m (10,200ft) Valais Gravel
Inferno Mürren downhill 2.970m (9,744ft) Berne Gravel
Gornergrat 2.934m (9,625ft) Valais Gravel
Col des Gentianes 2.906m (9,534ft) Valais Gravel
Col des Becs de Bosson 2.882m (9,455ft) Valais Gravel
Corne de Sorebois 2.879m (9,445ft) Valais Gravel
Buvette d'Arolla 2.879m (9,445ft) Valais Gravel
Viderjoch 2.876m (9,435ft) Graubünden/Aus. Gravel
Greitspitz 2.876m (9,435ft) Graubünden/Aus. Gravel
Palinkopf 2.863m (9,393ft) Graubünden/Aus. Gravel
Grubengletscher 2.862m (9,389ft) Valais Gravel
Parpaner Rothorn 2.857m (9,373ft) Graubünden Gravel
Arete de Sorebois 2.834m (9,297ft) Valais Gravel
Sex de Marinda 2.797m (9,176ft) Valais Gravel
Fuorcla Spadla 2.796m (9,173ft) Grisons Gravel
Heimischgarten 2.770m (9,087ft) Valais Gravel
Col de Chassoure 2.739m (8,986ft) Valais Gravel

Pic: Beat Meyer

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