Belchen Tunnel is haunted by the ghost of an old lady

Located on the border of Solothurn and Basel-Landschaft cantons of Switzerland, the Belchen Tunnel is said to be one of the most haunted tunnels on Earth.  The ghost of an old lady is known to haunt this Swiss road. 

Belchen Tunnel

How long is Belchen Tunnel?

Opened in 1996 and part of the A2 motorway running from Basel to Chiasso, the tunnel is 3,180 metres (10,430 ft) long. It’s totally paved cutting through the Jura Mountains. It was fully renovated in 2003.

Is Belchen Tunnel haunted?

It's one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world. The tunnel has been well known because a ghost known as the White Lady. She is described as being an old woman dressed all in white. It has gained for itself a terrifying reputation. It’s said that two law students were crossing the tunnel when they picked up a pale woman, who said she needed help, and that something dreadful was about to happen. She got into the backseat. While they were driving through, the strange woman vanished. Shaped as an old white-clothed hitchhiking woman, a ghost (though not initially recognized as such) appears out of nowhere in front of the drivers and sometimes even speaks to them. This phantom hitchhiker would be picked up from the hard shoulder of the motorway only to vanish from the vehicle in question whilst in the tunnel.