Old road to Grimsel Pass

Grimsel Pass Old Road

Old cobblestone road in the Grimsel Pass, with a length of 1.2km, in Switzerland. Grimsel Pass connects the valley of the Rhone River in the canton of Valais and the Haslital (upper valley of the Aar river) in the canton of Bern.

The pass is often closed from October through until late June due to deep snow cover This infamous road is tightly hairpinned and bumped, an exquisite winding mountain drive with sharp and blind curves and hairpin switchbacks leading the traveler over the mountains. 
The road's winding design, providing stunning panoramic views, is very curvy and fun for a leisurely ride, so it pays to take it slow. Exercise extreme caution when passing on-coming traffic, over-taking and around corners. The road was built in 1900’s and leads to a beautiful, narrow gorge.
Pic&more info: http://www.fam-oud.nl/~oof/Cyclo2005/Day6.html


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