Driving the 7 Most Famous Alpine Roads of Switzerland

Located on the central part of Europe, Switzerland remains one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet, with snowcapped mountains, green meadows and shimmering lakes.

7 Most Famous Alpine Roads of Switzerland

A drive through the most famous passes of the country is an experience to be had because the mountains and valleys of Switzerland are some of the most stunning in the world. The roads will lead you to the world’s most recognized mountains, valleys, lakes, iconic castles and beautiful waterfalls. On your drive through these mountain passes, you will see some striking landmarks and sites of historical importance, as well as mountain views that will leave you speechless.
Remember to drive at moderate speed (you’re not on a race) and keep in mind that many road passes close for winter, some passes are too narrow or steep for trailers and mobile homes and on narrow mountain roads, if necessary, vehicles traveling down must stop and give right-of-way to ascending vehicles.
If you love to drive, you’ll love driving into the Swiss Alps. The country is a true paradise for drivers looking for a challenge with adrenaline-inducing hairpin turns and steep inclines. hanks to the vertical nature of much of Switzerland, there are some truly beautiful roads to see. Combining unparalleled driving experiences with picture-perfect alpine scenery, make time for your ultimate Alpine road trip. Most of the passes have restaurants, hotels, lakes, churches, hiking trails and many other attractions, so it is not only driving, you can have lots of fun once you get up there.

Mountain Pass Canton Elevation
Furka Pass Uri-Valais 2.431m (7,976ft)
Great St. Bernard Pass Valais 2.469m (8,100ft)
St. Gotthard Pass Ticino 2.110m (6,922ft)
Bernina Pass Graubünden 2.332m (7,650ft)
Simplon Pass Valais 2.005m (6,578ft)
Grimsel Pass Bern-Valais 2.164m (7,100ft)
Susten Pass Uri-Bern 2.264m (7,428ft)