Vildmarksvagen is the Wilderness Road of Sweden

Vildmarksvägen (Wilderness road), is one of the most spectacular drives of Sweden. Part of the road is closed during winter at times because of heavy snow, and it’s one of the highest roads of the country. Along the road you’ll find the wildest areas in Sweden (thus named the Wilderness Road).


This tortuous route should not be attempted by those who don't know how to reverse them because when you are finally out of your comfort zone, there’s little to no help that you will get when you are in trouble, so you’d better get caught up with the necessary knowledge related to the nature and wildings at, so you do not end up empty-handed when you are in trouble.

How long is the Vildmarksvägen road?

The road, sometimes called Stekenjokkvägen, is fully paved. It’s 360 kilometres (220 mi) long and stretches from northern Jämtland to southern Lapland. Tucked away on the western part of the country, near the border with Norway, the route begins in Strömsund, continues to the town of Gäddede and Road 342, then passes through Jormvattnet, Stora Blåsjön, and Stekenjokk, and on to Klimpfjäll. From there it continues to Kultsjön and Saxnäs via Stalon and Lake Moalgomaj, on to Vilhelmina.

Is the Vildmarksvägen road open?

The Vildmarksvägen strikes out northwest towards the mountains at Gäddede, before hugging the Norwegian border and crossing the barren Stekenjokk plateau, at 876m (2,874ft) above the sea level. The mountain plateau of Stekenjokk is only accessible from the beginning/middle of June until the middle of October due to snow drifts (not uncommonly depths of up to 6 meters). At this elevation it’s said to be the highest paved road in Sweden.

Places of interest on the Vildmarksvägen road

Along the way, through areas with an exceptionally high bear density, you will find breathtaking natural spectacles, the culture of the Sami and, of course, get a taste of Northern Swedish hospitality through some of the most spectacular parts of northern Scandinavia.

Korallgrottan (the Coral Cave)

It is located outside Stora Blåsjön, just south of the Stekenjokk mountains. It is a unique limestone cave, completely untouched apart from the iron gates that keep unauthorized visitors outside. You can only visit the cave with a guide in small groups (maximum of 12 visitors/day and 600 per year). Adventurers find the contact information to the guides on


This is a so called "karst area" in which the water has formed the limestone bedrock into a maze of tunnels, where the waters of the river Bjurälven plays hide and seek. The river appears and disappears in up to ten places! In between you find the longest underwater cave in Sweden, where divers still explore its unknown tunnels every winter.


The longest canyon in Sweden is located just outside Gäddede, and is a beautiful place for a picnic or abseiling adventure. It's 42 meter high waterfall is sometimes described as the most scenic waterfall in Sweden.
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