The Most Scenic Drives in Tenerife

While most travellers will visit Tenerife to soak up its sun, sea, and sand, the picturesque island offers stunning scenery that’s just waiting to be explored by tourists. If you are planning to hire a car during your visit, you would be wise to embark on one of the many scenic drives the island has to offer.

The Most Scenic Drives in Tenerife

To experience smooth roads and stunning vistas at each corner, you should find out more about the most scenic drives in Tenerife.

The Coastal Route

To absorb the beauty of the Tenerife coastline during a drive, you should opt for the breath-taking coastal route, which is an ideal journey for those booking a holiday to Costa Adeje.
It is one of the finest routes in the Canary Islands, which will allow you to stop off at various resorts during the drive. You will need to start from Adeje to Los Gigantes, taking the TF47. Once you’re on the road, you will experience the picture-perfect coastal resorts of Playa de le Arena, Playa San Juan and Puerto Santiago, and will finish at the jaw-dropping cliffs of Los Gigantes.

Mount Teide National Park

If there’s one place you have to see, it is Mount Teide National Park. It is undeniably one of the most spectacular natural attractions in the Canary Islands, and it offers a scenic driving route that will make it impossible to forget your visit. You will be able to drive through the popular park to experience the beauty of its volcanic landscapes, which are sure to take your breath away. However, it’s a busy tourist trail, so you shouldn’t expect to have the roads to yourself during the scenic drive, which features a speed limit of 70 km/h.

The Spinal Route

The Spinal Route is an inland drive that starts from La Laguna and finishes at El Portillo, which is known as the backbone of Tenerife. If you choose to embark on the scenic drive, you’ll absorb the beauty of both sides of the island, which will include unique rock formations and beautiful lush pine forests. Don’t forget to take a camera with you, either, as you can guarantee you’ll want to pull the car over many times to take a photograph of the mesmerising scenery.

The Masca Valley Drive

Masca is a charming village in Tenerife, which offers some of the most gorgeous views on the island. If you’re confident behind the wheel, it could be an ideal drive to undertake on during your holiday.
If you’re staying in south Tenerife, you should follow the TF-1 road until you reach Santiago del Teide, before following signs to Masca until you reach TF-436, which will provide a direct route to the little town. Once you drive along TF-436, you can expect the roads to become somewhat challenging, as you’ll need to navigate through narrow lanes that feature various hairpin turns. If, however, you want to stop to take pictures, you should do so once you reach Mirador de Cherfe, which will allow you to pull up safely.