Driving the curvy TF-12 road in Canary Islands

Located on the island of Tenerife, in Spain’s Canary Islands, the TF-12 road is, probably, one of the most enjoyable routes to cycle in the whole of Spain. This quiet highway cuts through the Anaga mountain range.


This exciting journey is 28.8 km long. The asphalted road includes some narrow sections scarcely wide enough for two cars to pass at the same time. The drive is not for the faint of heart. There are a number of blind corners with sheer drops. This route should not be attempted by those who don't know how to reverse. This quiet highway cuts through the Anaga mountain range in the north-east of the island.

The tangled ribbon of TF-12 starts from San Andrés at the sea level heading up to the mountains. Its highest elevation is 871 meters above the sea level, ending near Las Mercedes village, on the T13 road. It is a gentle climb which will slowly become steeper, as you approach the mountains. It’s said to be one of the best driving roads in the world.
With more than 100 turns this route is not recommended if your passengers are prone to car sickness. Don’t stuff your belly too much. Eventually, you might feel vomiting temptations. Located within the Rural de Anaga Park it's a gorgeous ride, through shaded woodland, often cutting through cliff faces. Extreme care with landslides and rockfalls. The road surface is excellent, and the road carries relatively little traffic.

The journey offers an exhilarating driving experience, with superb views winding its way through the Anaga range for incredible vistas. This is definitely one road trip that you want to record with lots of photographs. There are lots of viewpoints, official and unofficial. You have to remember to keep your eyes on the road and not the incredible vistas. If you are lucky and it happens to be clear, you can catch a glimpse of Gran Canaria on the horizon.