La Cuevona, one of the few caves which one can go through by car

La Cuevona is a natural cave located in Cuevas del Agua a municipality within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain. Through this vast cavern is the only access to the village. This is a quite unique experience.

La Cuevona

The cave is 300 meters long. The surface of the road is asphalted. It’s one of the few examples of caves which one can go through by car. It's a bit of a tortuous route to get up here and not recommended in a busy period as it is very narrow to drive through and you have to turn around and come back as it is a 'no through road'. The road provides the unusual opportunity to drive through a cave, though it’s also safe for walkers, who are able to explore the space a bit better on foot.

An underground drive-through. It’s a real challenging road and a true test of your vehicle and your stamina because the road abounds in twists and turns. You are supposed to wear a fluorescent jacket to walk through the caves with stalagmites, stalactites and flowstones. As you drive through the cave, you will see many formations of amazing rock structures, artistic carvings of nature. Don't forget your camera with lots of film/memory, fully charged batteries and an empty memory card! It is worth the drive because the cave is very high and quite long. It is quite sensational with stalactites hanging from the roof which is a long way up.
Pic: Juan Carlos Uceda García