Pista Espinama-Sotres, a Most Tricky Scenic Drive

The Espinama-Sotres, also known as Ruta de la Reconquista, is a very exciting drive in the heart of Picos de Europa National Park, in Northern Spain.

Pista Espinama-Sotres

The road, also known as GR202, is totally unpaved and runs along a glacial valley linking the small towns of Espinama, in the furthermost area to the west of Cantabria, and Sotres, in the Asturian municipality of Cabrales.
The road is 13.7 km (8.51 miles) long and usually impassable from November to May (sometimes snowed up til mid June). After heavy rains the track can be impassable due to several low bridges that can be washed away. Rain is a fact of life here, and sudden dramatic changes in the weather are common. 4x4 recommended. Stay away if you're scared of heights. Expect a trail pretty steep, with sections from 8 to 10% and big loose rocks.

Wet conditions may make for tough driving along the muddy road. The Picos de Europa National Park and its authentically rural territory of unspoiled natural beauty. Steep incline with lots of loose rocks and a few ruts. The road climbs up to a high plateau at 1.655m (5,430ft) above the sea level.
Pic: Alexis Conté